Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More pieces

Here are a couple of the pieces I finished trimming ready for Humna to decorate.

Below is the latest piece for our SALA exhibition, Elements. With this freezing weather, everything is taking so long to dry. This piece was left uncovered for 3 days to be firm enough to trim.


Prue Venables, White Cup and Saucer with tea infuser, 2010

The latest JamFactory exhibition Teawares is just beautiful! There are many artist/designers showing work from around Australia in the areas of furniture, ceramics and metal. Some of the artists include Prue Venables, Stephanie James-Manttan, Bruce Nuske, Jane Robertson, Sarah O'Sullivan, Sandra Black and Christian Hall. It was a great opening on Friday night. If you're in the area, I would definitely recommend having a look.

Steph James-Manttan with her work on the opening night.

There's also a couple of really good jewellery exhibitions on at the Jam.
In Gallery 2 : Dreams of Arcadia, new jewellery by Stephen Gallagher.
In the Atrium: Gray Street Workshop tenants.

The exhibitions run till 25th July.

Check out my friend Angela's blog for lots more photos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Frauleins at Urban Cow

Frauleins Orchard is an exhibition currently showing in the Urban Cow Studio upstairs gallery. I went on the opening night, but it was so crowded I couldn't see the work - so I went back in today. What a sweet show! There is a variety of jewellery, painting and illustration from some very talented South Australian artists. It's definitely worth a look, but you better be quick - it concludes on the 28th June.

The artists include: Georgia Gabrielle, Naomi Murrell, Elisa Mazzone, Katrina Weber, Anna Creasy, Ruby Chew, Peta Alannah Chigwidden and Joelie Croser.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Still on the Wheel

Elements exhibition piece, still wet on the wheel.

SALA is fast approaching and the excitement is rising for our exhibition 'Elements' . Humna, Nick and I met on Thursday to work on the show. Nick is a video artist and filmed Humna painting my hands with henna. I then threw some tiny bowls with my hands painted. It was all captured on film! I haven't seen the results yet, but I can't wait. We are going to use the tiny bowls for a very special Pakistani treat on the opening night. You will have to come along to try it! We had a very entertaining day, which ended with Nick having a go on the pottery wheel (image below). And yes - we did do the wheel throwing in Humna's living room!!! And no - we didn't cover her house with terracotta (which was a surprise)!

Nick having a go at throwing.

Today I've been working on some very special pieces for Humna to paint. They are all made out of Bennett's Terracotta, which is dug from the Adelaide Hills. It is such a nice clay to throw with. After using MFQ for so long, it felt so easy! I really love Humna's idea behind the work. Each piece will represent a person in her family. The shapes are based on traditional pottery from the Pakistani culture. Most of the shapes are quite new to me and I am really enjoying the challenge.

Elements, the first piece.

This second piece is married to the first and is smaller.

Tomorrow I will trim these pieces and finish them off (hopefully they'll dry enough in this weather). I can't wait to see how they look once Humna's decorated them!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Things

Guy Ringwood has joined the JamFactory ceramic studio as an access tenant. He loves throwing big stuff! My specialty is small things, so it will be nice to watch him work. Today he helped James with this piece - 30kg of clay. Considering the most I've thrown is 3.5kg, I think that's pretty impressive!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adelaide - Why Would You Live Anywhere Else?

Ok, there are many reason's to live elsewhere... but there are also many reason's to live here! And this is just one:

My view after work today.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Trinity Beach

It was so nice to escape the freezing winter weather in Adelaide and spend 10 days in gorgeous Cairns (one of my favourite places in Australia). Every day was like a perfect summer day. I think it will have to become a regular winter destination! I had a great time with family and friends, shopping, walking along the stunning beaches, exploring the rainforest around Mossman Gorge, fishing, Go-Kart racing and looking at galleries. I even found a gallery to sell my work while I was there. Does that mean the trip is tax deductible?? You can now find my work in the Cairns Regional Gallery gift shop (the main gallery in Cairns).

Below are some pictures from the trip:

The Cairns Regional Gallery

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

Port Douglas

The cutest little church - St Mary's By the Sea, Port Douglas.

Mossman Gorge

Mossman Rainforest

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Week Just Been

What a great week! I feel like I haven't done a lot, but achieved heaps somehow. I received my acceptance letter for the 2010 South Australian Ceramic Award! Gerry Wedd is the judge this year. What an honour, to be showing my work along side some of South Australia's most prominent ceramists.

I also met Susie Chapmann from the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery and they have taken on two of my production ranges to sell through their gift shop! It is a newly renovated gallery and shop and I've been told by quite a few people how impressive it is. Susie gave me a copy of their latest exhibition catalogue for 'Blokes and their BBQ's' - and I have to say it was one of the best and most creative catalogues I've seen. The state gallery even kept a copy to archive. There is also an exhibition of work from some of the JamFactory associates. Many of my friends have been included. It seems like a great time to take a trip to Murray Bridge!

I attended the Frauleins Orchard exhibition opening at Urban Cow on Wednesday night. It was so crowded that I didn't actually get to see any of the art work! But next time I'm in, I'll have a better look and hopefully post some images. There are some very talented artists showing in this exhibition, which runs for the month of June.

SALA (South Australian Living Artist) month is almost here! I'm in an exhibition with the very talented artist and wonderful friend Humna Mustafa and video artist Nick Graalman. The show is called 'Elements' and it will be presented in Humna's studio and home. Humna and I are collaborating on some ceramic pieces, which I will share with you over the next few weeks leading up to big fortnight!! She is also experimenting with body art, photogaphy, video and performance. This is going to be huge and looks like it will be a really beautiful and unique exhibition! Will tell you more details soon...

Above is an image of the first terracotta bowls I made this week. Humna will be decorating them with her beautiful henna patterns. I've used Bennett's terracotta, which is dug from the Adelaide Hills.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Footy Season

For all the football nuts -

Exclusively available at the Urban Cow. They have the Crows and Port Power in stock. Other teams can be ordered!