Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wanted To Buy...

Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy a good-working second hand pottery wheel for a primary school. It needs to be located in South Australia. And I'm also looking for a small to medium electric pottery kiln (also in SA). Please let me know if you have one for sale or know of one. Thank you!

The Break Up

Sad news! Studio Lingo is finishing up on 24th December. Come and grab a locally handmade bargain, just in time for Christmas! Hope you can make it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Ultimate Granny Cup and Saucer

Way back in this blog post I mentioned the granny cup and saucer that a friend asked me to make, as a gift for his boss for becoming a granny!! A bit of a cheeky gift, I think! Well, in that post, way back in September, I promised to post the progress of the piece on here. However that was as far as I got! So here is the rest of the progress of the 'Ultimate Granny Cup and Saucer'...

Freshly trimmed. I actually made three sets, to be on the safe side.

Here is the handle attached and I decided to add some 'older style' roses that are popular on wedding cakes, or on 70th+ birthday cakes!

The cup and saucer with some underglaze slips. I painted the roses pink and red, to go with the decals that I attached afterwards. 'Granny' is written in an old style of handwriting in green.

A close up of the pink rose on the saucer.

The cup and saucer glazed and ready for some decals.

The decals attached.
It's always hard to imagine exactly how the colours will turn out at this point.

The final granny cup and saucer! Ready to be delivered.

Here is the back of the cup.

It was a fun little project to make - something a bit different!
It was delivered on Friday and I got to see the boss's reaction. She really liked it! I'm pretty sure anyway... unless she was just being polite!? :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spring is Here!

Some of the blossom in my garden

Hello everyone! I'm starting to come out of hibernation with this beautiful warmer weather we're having! A friend asked me to make a 'granny' cup and saucer for his boss, who has just become a grandmother. It's going to be decorated with old style roses and 'granny' written on the front! Very cheeky gift. I made three to play around with. I'll post the progress on here.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New gallery in town!

Check out the newest gallery/ studio in Adelaide, run by the lovely Michelle Lee, Mandi Whitten and Benjamin Liew! This is an artist run space made possible by Renew Adelaide. I went in on Friday and delivered some work. The space was still being set up, but already looked wonderful! They have painting, photography, jewellery, prints and ceramics. Today is the soft launch. You better be quick, it finishes at 4. If you can't make it today, it is opening daily! Check put their website for regular updates! All the best guys!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Silent Auction

Blue printed plate and dip bowl

This is my donation for the Pulteney Grammar School's silent auction, which will be held tomorrow night. Hope they have a good time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brooch Swap 2011

This year I joined the Flower Press Brooch Swap! It was so much fun! Lots of craft people around the world joined in swapping hand crafted brooches. It was kept a secret as to who you would receive a brooch from until it arrived in the mail. The last day for posting was Tuesday 21st June. Here are the brooches I sent off to England:

Orange Printed Heart Brooch and Blue Printed Butterfly Brooch

I couldn't decide on which one, so I sent both!

The brooches wrapped and ready to be sent

My secret brooch swapper sent mine off earlier and it has already arrived!
Em (who writes the Mousy brown blog and lives in North Wales) made me a brooch inspired by one of my own teapots!!!

Brooch By Mousy Brown
Inspired by "Green Printed Teapot with Birds"

I was so surprised that she had made a brooch inspired by something I had made! It is so thoughtful and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much Em! And thank you Susie for the wonderful idea and for organising the whole swap!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cat Bowls

Cat Bowls

Here are some new cat food bowls I am making for Urban Cow. I can personalise them with your cat's name and the colours of your choice!

I have made them a bit sturdier so they won't easily tip over or break.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Great Teapot Show official invite

Ceramics, sculpture, paintings, prints...
everything and anything to do with TEA!
Works from a variety of artists.

Opening at 11.30am
Sunday 17 April 2011

Guest Speaker:
Cath Kerry

Chef & Restaurateur,
Art Gallery Restaurant

The exhibition concludes 5pm Tuesday 10 May 2011.

140 Barton Terrace West North Adelaide, SA 5006
p: 08 8267 2933 | f: 08 8293 0148 | e: greenhill@internode.on.net
Open: Tues - Fri 10am - 5pm Sat & Sun 2pm - 5pm

Monday, April 11, 2011


The beautiful scene that greeted me as I went out to my studio this evening! This photo doesn't do it justice (and I could't fit it onto one photo...).

Red Printed Teapot

Red Printed Teapot (2011), by Erin Lykos

This teapot will be exhibited at Greenhill Gallery in The Great Teapot Show from Sunday 17th April, 2011. I have 4 teapots in the show altogether! Hope you can make it!

Dog Bowls

I've started making these dog food bowls, available at the Urban Cow. I can personalise them with your pet's name, your favourite colour for the base and I can make the dog a similar colour to your dog (remember it's a cartoon though, so it won't be photo perfect)! Cat food bowls will be available soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Great Teapot Show

Green Printed Teapot with Birds (2011) By Erin Lykos

I've started added extra details to my teapots! I decided on birds because, well... I like them! Plus there are an incredible variety of birds in the Riverland, so it seemed fitting. I tried to make the teapot look a bit like foliage. What do you think?

This is going into an exhibition at Greenhill Galleries.
The details for the exhibition are:

The Great Teapot Show
Greenhill Gallery
140 Barton Tce West, North Adelaide
Ph: 08 8267 2933

Opening: Sunday 17th April, 11:30am
Dates: April 17 - May 10, 2011

Hope to see you there!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blue and White Spotty Teapot Set

Blue Teapot Set (2011) by Erin Lykos
Doily (date unknown) by Great Auntie Hazel

This teapot set will be exhibited in the 2011 Campbelltown Art Show and Sale. I've been experimenting with teapot shapes lately. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm having fun! Someone once told me, 'You need to throw 100 teapots before you make a good one'. So I've got about 80 to go!

The details for the art show are:

Campbelltown Art Show and Sale
Campbelltown Function Centre
172 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor
Saturday 9 - Sunday 17 April, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011


A couple of friends are celebrating their engagement tomorrow and I promised to make cupcakes! I've baked over 100 today. They're mini ones, so they are a bit quicker. Yum!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day is Coming

Heart bowls (Small and Tiny sizes)

These sweet heart bowls are wheel thrown and hand painted by me and available at the Urban Cow (just in time for Valentine's Day). Each bowl has its own unique design!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sturt Desert Pea Bowl

Sturt Desert Pea Bowl

My sister is currently in New Zealand and asked me to make her these bowls as a gift for people she is staying with over there! They are a very similar design to the Sturt Pea range I make for The Wild Lime Cafe in Blinman (Finders Rangers).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where Did January Go?

Wow! January's gone for 2011. As I get older the months seem to go quicker, but that month just went lightning quick. I guess so much has happened since we celebrated New Years.

We've had the devastating Queensland flood, where more than two dozen towns were flooded. 18 people died and 14 are still unaccounted for (at the time of writing this). 75% of Queensland is declared a natural disaster zone and now there are two cyclones headed towards Northern Queensland.

Photo Credit: Rob Maccol

There are currently riots in Egypt. It looks like a scary place to be right now. I hope they can come to a peaceful resolution soon.

Whats been happening with me this month? Well, I celebrated New Years in Sydney. And spent a relaxing start to the year camping at Killcare - swimming, playing 500, meeting new people and catching up with family and friends I haven't seen in ages. It was really nice. I also went for a couple of day trips. We took a train down to Berry (which is south of Woollongong). Such a beautiful place. I was looking for places that might be interested in stocking my work and was very surprised to only find one hand-made designer shop in the whole area! A local told us the art gallery had closed down at the end of December! We also took a trip around the Southern Highlands. Also a very beautiful place. There were lots of potteries and design/art/craft places. It was great! I visited the famous Sturt Pottery and the Milk Factory (I think that must be NSW's version of the JamFactory). It was all very interesting. I got lots of business cards (which I need to chase up)!

Since I've been back in South Australia, I've been back to the studio. I first had to complete my Sketchbook project and send it off to America. I've had lots of orders for the Urban Cow and also I've been designing some new production work! Very exciting!

I had my nieces come to stay, as well as my sister (their other auntie). This time we had 3 of them. They were so well behaved! We kept them very busy though. We were so exhausted by the end of each day!

Here is my sister with our nieces and my next door neighbour.

Emily on my pottery wheel

I bought this kid's pottery wheel for Joanna for Christmas. So while she was with me, I taught her how to use it.

Here are some pinch pot jewellery boxes I taught the girls to make!

I also had some friends children come over and do some pottery (because it's school holidays). Most of the pieces they made are currently in the kiln.

One of the children made me this beautiful card:

How sweet and thoughtful!

I did some volunteer work at Berri Barmera Care. They help people who are homeless and/or struggling in the Riverland. Volunteer work is very rewarding.

There has also been a few celebrations. Lots of family birthdays and a couple of friends got engaged! One of my aunties was born on Australia Day. I made her this Jaffa flavoured cake (her favourite and mine too)!

Jaffa Cake

It was also my cousin Ashley's 21st. He's been into computer's since forever and has now started a career in the field. So I made him this bowl (with his first family computer):

Ashley's 21st birthday bowl

Phew! What a month! And january's usually quite - right!? I have a feeling this is going to be a busy, but fantastic year. What do you think?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

18. Bath Sketch, England

Roman Baths, Bath, England

This my eighteenth and final sketch for The Sketchbook Project and the final destination for me and my husband's big Europe trip! Our last stop, as you have probably already guessed, was back in England: Bath! Once again, very beautiful. We spent about four days here -resting and sightseeing. We did the hop-on hop-off bus tour once again. I was interested in all the Jane Austin destinations and information. I could see one of her stories easily coming to life there! Beautiful and quite romantic. I've sketched the fascinating Roman Baths. We were able to taste the water too. Urgh! The markets in the main shopping area were incredible. The amount of customers crowding to buy from the stalls was amazing to see. I would love to set up a stall there one day!!

Well, this project has been a lot of fun. I had wanted to sketch while I was on the trip, but I was too busy sight-seeing and too exhausted by the evenings. So I'm really glad that I got to take a trip down memory lane and sketch them all now for this project. I hope you have enjoyed reading all the stories and seeing my sketches!

Now, back to pottery...

17. Scotland Sketch


We both loved Scotland. This was in Edinburgh. I think it was Edinburgh Castle. Everything there was beautiful, fascinating and so rich with history. I think it was probably my favourite city of the trip! It was very cold while we were there though. We also visited Glasgow and Inverness. From one of our hotel rooms we had a view of Loch Ness.
This is a funny sketch. I think I'll stick to architecture!!! :)

16. Ireland Sketch

Blarney Castle, near Cork

Our next country was Ireland. We started in a southern town, Cork. In the morning we tried a Full Irish Breakfast. Interestingly it looked and tasted exactly like the Full English Breakfast! ;)
This sketch is of me standing next to some of the biggest leaves I have ever seen in my life. They were in the garden surrounding Blarney Castle. They looked like giant marshmellow weeds (a weed in Australia anyway) and they were bigger than me! The scenery in that area of Ireland was very beautiful!

We also visited Dublin for a few days. We then travelled by bus up to Northern Ireland and stayed in Belfast. I didn't have room to put every destination in, but they were both very interesting places. We had one scary encounter in Belfast, which spoiled the experience. So we might not visit there again. But I'm glad we went there for at least few days!