Monday, June 21, 2010

Still on the Wheel

Elements exhibition piece, still wet on the wheel.

SALA is fast approaching and the excitement is rising for our exhibition 'Elements' . Humna, Nick and I met on Thursday to work on the show. Nick is a video artist and filmed Humna painting my hands with henna. I then threw some tiny bowls with my hands painted. It was all captured on film! I haven't seen the results yet, but I can't wait. We are going to use the tiny bowls for a very special Pakistani treat on the opening night. You will have to come along to try it! We had a very entertaining day, which ended with Nick having a go on the pottery wheel (image below). And yes - we did do the wheel throwing in Humna's living room!!! And no - we didn't cover her house with terracotta (which was a surprise)!

Nick having a go at throwing.

Today I've been working on some very special pieces for Humna to paint. They are all made out of Bennett's Terracotta, which is dug from the Adelaide Hills. It is such a nice clay to throw with. After using MFQ for so long, it felt so easy! I really love Humna's idea behind the work. Each piece will represent a person in her family. The shapes are based on traditional pottery from the Pakistani culture. Most of the shapes are quite new to me and I am really enjoying the challenge.

Elements, the first piece.

This second piece is married to the first and is smaller.

Tomorrow I will trim these pieces and finish them off (hopefully they'll dry enough in this weather). I can't wait to see how they look once Humna's decorated them!


  1. Potters wheel in the living room, that sounds familiar! Good luck with the exhibition, I look forward to seeing how it goes!

  2. Haha! She had a pretty good set up - the TV was right in front and it was nice and cosy!