Monday, August 30, 2010

Tree Change

Lake Bonnie, Barmera

After a Sea Change last year, to a small town on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula, and then a short stint back in the city of Adelaide, we have moved again! This time to a small, peaceful and rather pretty town called Barmera, in South Australia's Riverland. I've been here for two weeks so far and I absolutely love it!

I finally have my very own pottery studio! It's completely separate from the house - made of brick and has two windows (with a nice view of the garden). The power supply to the shed was perfect and it took the electrician 10 minutes to have it ready for me to plug my kiln in. Everything has just been too easy. I'm so happy with my new space. It certainly beats working from the Verandah and taking over the house!

My new studio!

After a huge weekend of cleaning and sorting, it's almost ready. I'll post some photos once it's done!


  1. nice one ready for christening my clay last week from the jam thanks for that...:))

  2. Hi Erin ,so happy for you,enjoy your studio.
    It was nice to see you at T.T.gully.
    happy potting
    Anna xx

  3. Congrats on the new house and studio! Gosh it must be SO lovely to have your own space to work in seperate from your home. I've got a good few years of living in clay to go yet I think. Not sure now long the boyfriend will last...! Have you started on your sketchbook project yet? I've just scanned and blogged my first few pages :)

  4. Thank guys!
    Katy: I'm really excited about having my own space (and so is my husband!!!!). I know exactly what you mean about your boyfriend. At the conference last year one of the speakers said that every potter goes through at least one divorce! :D I have my sketchbook, but haven't started it yet. I'll take a look at yours now. :)