Friday, December 31, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

The Package I received in the post.

Here's an interesting exhibition I'm involved in later this year. The Sketchbook project is open to everyone (although the due date is over for 2011). Every artist who enters gets a sketchbook to fill in, with a selected topic. I chose 'In Flight' for this year. And I'm filling it with sketches of a recent trip to Europe. I meant to sketch while I was over there (but like most trips), by the end of a busy day touring I was too tired to sketch anything. So I'm sketching from some of the 1000's of photos I took. The exhibition will be touring America.

PS. It's due on the 15th January and I only just started sketching today... well at least I'm on holidays! :)


  1. oh well done erin you'll fill it in no time :P have fun tonight are you going to be close to the harbour??

  2. Haha! It's a nice little holiday project! Easy to travel with, minimum tools and not breakable! I should have been a drawer... :)

    We were close enough to the harbour, without being in horrible crowds. It was really nice and didn't take us too long to get home afterwards (which is always nice in Sydney)! :)