Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where Did January Go?

Wow! January's gone for 2011. As I get older the months seem to go quicker, but that month just went lightning quick. I guess so much has happened since we celebrated New Years.

We've had the devastating Queensland flood, where more than two dozen towns were flooded. 18 people died and 14 are still unaccounted for (at the time of writing this). 75% of Queensland is declared a natural disaster zone and now there are two cyclones headed towards Northern Queensland.

Photo Credit: Rob Maccol

There are currently riots in Egypt. It looks like a scary place to be right now. I hope they can come to a peaceful resolution soon.

Whats been happening with me this month? Well, I celebrated New Years in Sydney. And spent a relaxing start to the year camping at Killcare - swimming, playing 500, meeting new people and catching up with family and friends I haven't seen in ages. It was really nice. I also went for a couple of day trips. We took a train down to Berry (which is south of Woollongong). Such a beautiful place. I was looking for places that might be interested in stocking my work and was very surprised to only find one hand-made designer shop in the whole area! A local told us the art gallery had closed down at the end of December! We also took a trip around the Southern Highlands. Also a very beautiful place. There were lots of potteries and design/art/craft places. It was great! I visited the famous Sturt Pottery and the Milk Factory (I think that must be NSW's version of the JamFactory). It was all very interesting. I got lots of business cards (which I need to chase up)!

Since I've been back in South Australia, I've been back to the studio. I first had to complete my Sketchbook project and send it off to America. I've had lots of orders for the Urban Cow and also I've been designing some new production work! Very exciting!

I had my nieces come to stay, as well as my sister (their other auntie). This time we had 3 of them. They were so well behaved! We kept them very busy though. We were so exhausted by the end of each day!

Here is my sister with our nieces and my next door neighbour.

Emily on my pottery wheel

I bought this kid's pottery wheel for Joanna for Christmas. So while she was with me, I taught her how to use it.

Here are some pinch pot jewellery boxes I taught the girls to make!

I also had some friends children come over and do some pottery (because it's school holidays). Most of the pieces they made are currently in the kiln.

One of the children made me this beautiful card:

How sweet and thoughtful!

I did some volunteer work at Berri Barmera Care. They help people who are homeless and/or struggling in the Riverland. Volunteer work is very rewarding.

There has also been a few celebrations. Lots of family birthdays and a couple of friends got engaged! One of my aunties was born on Australia Day. I made her this Jaffa flavoured cake (her favourite and mine too)!

Jaffa Cake

It was also my cousin Ashley's 21st. He's been into computer's since forever and has now started a career in the field. So I made him this bowl (with his first family computer):

Ashley's 21st birthday bowl

Phew! What a month! And january's usually quite - right!? I have a feeling this is going to be a busy, but fantastic year. What do you think?

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  1. You certainly are the Pottery Queen Erin! Love your work - such a talented Lady!