Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Ultimate Granny Cup and Saucer

Way back in this blog post I mentioned the granny cup and saucer that a friend asked me to make, as a gift for his boss for becoming a granny!! A bit of a cheeky gift, I think! Well, in that post, way back in September, I promised to post the progress of the piece on here. However that was as far as I got! So here is the rest of the progress of the 'Ultimate Granny Cup and Saucer'...

Freshly trimmed. I actually made three sets, to be on the safe side.

Here is the handle attached and I decided to add some 'older style' roses that are popular on wedding cakes, or on 70th+ birthday cakes!

The cup and saucer with some underglaze slips. I painted the roses pink and red, to go with the decals that I attached afterwards. 'Granny' is written in an old style of handwriting in green.

A close up of the pink rose on the saucer.

The cup and saucer glazed and ready for some decals.

The decals attached.
It's always hard to imagine exactly how the colours will turn out at this point.

The final granny cup and saucer! Ready to be delivered.

Here is the back of the cup.

It was a fun little project to make - something a bit different!
It was delivered on Friday and I got to see the boss's reaction. She really liked it! I'm pretty sure anyway... unless she was just being polite!? :-)

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