Friday, January 14, 2011

11. My First Snow Ball... Ever!

Our First snow ball... ever!

Our German relatives were determined to show us snow. So they drove us close to the Austrian border. We took a sky lift up to a very high mountain and touched snow for the first time in our lives!! Very exciting. My husband decided to take our GPS, so we could see how high we were above sea level. Then he gave it to me to put in my pocket. As I was throwing my first snow ball over the edge of a very high cliff, I felt something fall out of my pocket. We, along with all the other tourists, watched the GPS slowly bounce down the snow and over the edge of the cliff. I think our cousin thought I was going to go after it, because she grabbed my arm and said "It's gone!"
Yep, my husband wasn't very happy with me that day! This is the happy sketch before I threw the snow ball! :)

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