Sunday, January 23, 2011

16. Ireland Sketch

Blarney Castle, near Cork

Our next country was Ireland. We started in a southern town, Cork. In the morning we tried a Full Irish Breakfast. Interestingly it looked and tasted exactly like the Full English Breakfast! ;)
This sketch is of me standing next to some of the biggest leaves I have ever seen in my life. They were in the garden surrounding Blarney Castle. They looked like giant marshmellow weeds (a weed in Australia anyway) and they were bigger than me! The scenery in that area of Ireland was very beautiful!

We also visited Dublin for a few days. We then travelled by bus up to Northern Ireland and stayed in Belfast. I didn't have room to put every destination in, but they were both very interesting places. We had one scary encounter in Belfast, which spoiled the experience. So we might not visit there again. But I'm glad we went there for at least few days!

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