Monday, July 5, 2010

Farewell Ferro

Ok, no pictures with this one (it would be a sad face). Just a little announcement to any potter/ceramist who hasn't heard yet... Our beloved Ferro has closed down. No more Ferro Frits and no more 271d glaze! What am I going to do??? I called Max at Clayworks today and they are working on a new glaze. I see lots of glaze testing in my future! If anyone has any suggestions for a good, reliable glaze that fits MFQ, please let me know!


  1. like i said today i have some CEG 190 if you'd like to try a bowl or 2 in it...sorry about the mix up we used to use 271 D

  2. Hi Ang! I'll see what the Jam use. I've actually been lucky and Ferro contacted Max and said they had 2 bags left. So I'm grabbing those. That will keep me going for a bit!! ;)

  3. oh well done...i'll still get on the testing it will keep me from going rusty!!!