Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Parks

Today I had the pleasure of visiting The Parks Community Center's pottery studio. My friend Sunshine GB March is the potter in residence there at the moment. I went in to have a look and to share some decoration tips!

People at the Parks ceramic studio (Sunshine's on the right).

It was my first time at the Parks Centre. It felt like I was walking into a secret little community, which is so close to home, but somehow I never knew about it! How could that be - in little Adelaide? How great is it to have such a facility open to the community! For $6.70 the public can use the studio for 3 hours, which includes firing their work and some guidance by the lovely Sunshine.

If you're interested, check out their website and call the office for more info.

The Pottery Wheels.

Don't forget the South Australian Ceramic Award is opening tomorrow night. (Adelaide Central Gallery, 45 Osmond Terrace, Norwood, 6-8pm).
It only happens every 2-3 years. Should be a great night. Everyone is welcome!


  1. wow look at all those master potter wheels...must ask sunshine what they do about parts for those..and nice studio too..our casual rate at the club is $3 per day but doesn't include firing. Such a great town!!

  2. what happened to my top lip?!? just so excited that you'd come to visit i swallowed it perhaps? 'twas so lovely having you visit us. and people, do come to the parks! it's great!